Tent Officers - 2018

President Nancy M. Skerchock
Senior Vice President Christie Peach
Junior Vice President Melissa Waligora
Chaplain Jocelyn Bush 
Treasurer Christie Peach
Registrar Vacant
Patriotic Instructor Patricia Perry
Secretary Nancy M. Skerchock
Historian Celestine Hollings PNP/Patricia Perry
Webmaster Patricia Perry
Press Correspondent Patricia Perry 
duvs Chairman Bethany Hoover
VAVS Representative Tanya Jordan-Jackson/Alternate Pending
State Veterans Home Bethany Hoover
Council #1 Nancy M. Skerchock
Council #2 Vacant
Council #3 Vacant
Chief of Staff Vacant
Guide Maggie Farris 
Guard Maggie Farris 
Counselor Vacant
Musician Vacant
Color Bearer #1 Christie Peach
Color Bearer #2 Patricia Werner 
Color Bearer #3 Melissa Waligora
Color Bearer #4 Yulanda Burgess
 Membership Committee (3)  Bethany Hoover, Jocelyn Bush, Melissa Waligora
Installing Officer Vacant


Positions in bold = Elected

Balance appointed positions

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